Packing for Haida Gwaii

Only two more days until I head to Haida Gwaii but I'm so nervous! I been stressing over the last week about what to pack and what to leave behind! According to the information online, Haida Gwaii has all types of weather and temperatures during this time of the year. In my packing list prepared by Ocean Bridge, I have a general idea of what to bring, but I want to be as prepared as I can. I have a limit of 50 lbs. for my luggage so I have to be as efficient with my bags as possible!

Well, first there are the essentials:

1. rain jackets

2. windbreaker

3. rubber boots

4. rain pants

Haida Gwaii is located in the west coast of Canada and their climate is described as oceanic with cool summers, cool winters and heavy precipitation throughout the year. With that in mind, rain jackets, rain boots and waterproof gears are an essential for this trip!

With limited spaces in my bag, I really have to pick and choose what else to bring!

The next set of items in my bags were:

1. outdoor toque

2. sweater

3. gloves

4. hiking pants

5. wool socks

The temperature at Haida Gwaii can change quickly and varies from day to day. It's important to pack toques and gloves to stay warm. A pair of hiking pants, along with a thick sweater is also important to keep my legs and body warm!

What else?

1. seasick medication

2. bathing suits

3. sleeping bag

4. casual clothes

As Haida Gwaii is an archipelago, we would be travelling mostly by boat. With that in mind, seasick medication is essential as it's a common occurrences. Of course, as we will be at one of the most beautiful places in Canada, it would be silly not to bring bathing suits and experience the great outdoors! Further, sleeping bags and casual clothes are important for sleeping and downtime.

Last but certainly not least:

1. camera

2. journal

Being in this gorgeous place, a camera and a journal is a must. It's important to capture unforgettable moments and write down feelings and thoughts. There will be so much to write about and so much to take in and experience.

Well, I guess that's everything. Can't wait to meet everyone and do amazing work at Haida Gwaii!


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