Poems from Two Magical Land

Lost in Paradise

Haida Gwaii 2018

The beauty of the world I see, The melody of the music I hear, The magic of the moments I feel.

A timeless paradise on the edge of this world, A land of beauty and eternal grace. Walking through the ancient forest, And feeling its ageless gaze. The softness of the moss, The warmth of the land, The melody and hums of the forest, Tickling the tip of my heart, And giving me a warm embrace. Here I felt the history of the land, The laughter of a distant past, The warriors of its days, and the mighty canoe they row. What happened? Much has happened. The pain and the sorrow, The loss and heartbreak, Yet they endured. Their resilience, Their love and kindness, Through all the pain, They have endured. Just beyond the ancient forest, There lies the magnificent shore. With the crashing of the endless waves, They shaped this land as we know. With mighty cliffs standing guard, With the eagles watching from above, The waves slowly sculpt this land, And leaves a master art. By the shore of Haida Gwaii, I found an eternal magic, And is now forever lost in this paradise.

By the shore of the Arctic

Arctic 2017

I was born close to the shore of the Indian Ocean, It was a life-time ago and a time so distant past, I have yet to understand the meaning of ocean.

I grew up by the shore of the Great Lake, It's beauty was magical and its water nourished me. By the Great Lake, I learned the meaning of water, and grew to appreciate its essence.

The Pacific Ocean was my first crush, I was smitten by its gorgeous sunshine, I was hypnotized by its mountains, and I was fully lost in its warm embrace. Alas it was not meant to be.

For the ocean that is the most dear to my heart, is none other than the Arctic. The Arctic Ocean left an impact like no other, It opened my eyes and shined a light on my path.

The stories of the Arctic, the generosity and warmth of its people, the pain its has endured, and the resilience is has shown. The Arctic is truly a land like no other. The brief time I spent here, ​allowed me to experience feelings and emotions of a life time.

The lasting impact of the moment, the magic of that glance, the Arctic truly touched me heart. The Arctic was where I rediscovered myself, and gave me purpose for my future.

In the Fjord of Eternal. I became renewed, reborn and rediscovered.

While I may have been born by the shore of the Indian Ocean, the Arctic gave me new life. By the shore of the Arctic Ocean, I was reborn. Now I continue that story of a new life, and a new path taken forward, and wherever I go, I will always remember that time I found myself in the Arctic.

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