Up Close with Justin


We’re introducing our next team member, Justin Hui!

With an undergraduate degree at University of Toronto Scarborough majoring in City Studies and Public Policy, Justin currently works for the Kensington Market Business Improvement Area. In the past year, Justin has had experience in working with a multitude of different BIAs in the City of Toronto and has a keen interest in seeing how individuals can have large impacts on the world around us. Justin’s main interests include transportation and environmental planning, streetscaping, urban design and environmental conservation.

PB: What is your relationship with the marine ecosystem and/or the environment? Ever since I was a kid, my father has always took me to go fishing and I think that’s likely what kickstarted my appreciation for the outdoors, nature and wildlife. I used to take out books at my local library to read up on any fish I could.

Justin: I fish a lot less frequently nowadays, but my appreciation for the environment and marine ecosystems hasn’t completely died out! Before joining the Pristine Blue, I would get a metal detector and help clean shores by finding deep metals hidden underground.

PB: Describe an obstacle you’ve encountered while striving to be environmentally conscious. Do you believe it’s worth the effort?

Justin: The real issue I have with being environmentally friendly is my addiction to coffee. I usually have two coffees a day which means two cups that can't be recycled. I've been trying to bring my own personal cup everywhere but I tend to be forgetful. However, It's obviously worth it to be environmentally conscious with bringing my own personal cup, because if every person does the same, it makes a huge difference!

PB: What is one place in Toronto you would like everyone to know about?

Justin: I definitely think everyone in Toronto should visit the Rouge Valley at least once; it’s a massive greenspace right in the city. I’ve lived right by the Rouge Valley for almost 10 years now, and it’s offered opportunities of countless fun. Hiking, metal detecting, fishing, dog walking, and camping. All of that right beside your backyard. How can I not take advantage of such a great park?


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