Up Close with Tiffany


It’s time to introduce our very own, Tiffany Huang!

Tiffany is currently a third year undergraduate student at UTSC completing her double major in city studies and sociology with a minor in GIS. Tiffany was previously involved in her departmental association as a secretary, supporting networking events, helping to connect students interested in her fields of study, and prepared materials related to urban development. She also had co-op experience at the Ministry of Education as a Policy student, providing communication and document support to the Early Years and Child Care Branch. Tiffany’s interests lies in urban planning, especially urban design and environmental sustainability. - - -

PB: What is one place in Toronto you would like everyone to know about?

Tiffany: I would recommend the Scarborough Civic Centre Library near Scarborough Town Centre. I love the design of the building, and it is very cozy to sit on the coach and read! In summer time, I would sit on the outdoor benches and study, and take a walk in the little park nearby. Usually you can see lots of people walking their dogs around, which makes it even more attractive! It’s not a big place, but definitely somewhere worth spending your afternoon.

PB: Cool! And how do you use water recreationally?

Tiffany: My favorite water activity would be canoeing. It is very relaxing to just float on a lake and enjoy the view. I went to Banff National Park last year and canoed on the Bow River. The quality of the water body was so great that it perfectly reflects the Rocky Mountains surrounding it. It would be nice if all water bodies can be as clean as the ones in Banff.

PB: That's awesome, another national park to add to our bucket list! Finally, describe a possible solution to Toronto’s plastic problem?

Tiffany: I think two of the most common plastic wastes are disposable coffee cups and plastic straws. It is only a small act, but if everyone could use their own reusable cup and straw, a lot of waste can be avoided. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to bring my own cup and straw wherever I go, so hopefully I could inspire others to do the same!


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