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Cleanup in North L'Amoreaux Park

On August 24, members of the Pristine Blue Initiative took on a shoreline cleanup at L’Amoreaux Park (the north portion) on a gorgeous Saturday morning. We worked together with three members picking up garbage and one member tallying the garbage types on the data card. We found many cigarette butts (approximately 85) in the park, especially around park benches! It is almost as if having the park benches for people to rest their feet encourages pollution.

Would we come back here in the future? Definitely! The views at the park were peaceful with rolling hills.

Even though only 4 people showed up today, the power is in the team spirit, not in numbers.

As our last official shoreline cleanup of the season, we are pretty happy with what we have accomplished.

Make sure to look for us next at the September 21, 2019 shoreline cleanup where we will be supporting the Rouge National Urban Park in hosting a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

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