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Friday Strike for Climate

I was there today, as part of the most massive climate march in history where millions and millions of people of all ages throughout the world, young and old came together in solidarity to demand actions for the climate crisis and achieving climate justice for all. We all came together to demand action from our politicians and representatives and for them to hear us and do something about this crisis. Usually, I'm not someone to go on strike or march, and this was my first one ever.

Some of you might wonder what changed today, and why did I strike? The reason I went today because I felt a deep sense of responsibility and obligation. I felt something special and unique. I feel the momentum happening throughout the world and the changes that are happening.

I was there because I wanted to lend my voice to those who are being unheard. The marginalized communities who are at the front-line of the climate crisis. Who are dying and struggling from the impacts of the climate crisis and the exploitation that contributes to the climate crisis. I was there because I wanted to lend my presence to those who couldn’t be there, Cherished friends and loved ones who left us too soon. For me, I thought about Danielle and Micah, and I knew they would be there marching with us. To demand action for a better future. I was there because I wanted to lend my time to a future I want to share and build together. To create a future with those who value our value and the place we call home. A future that can give justice and equality to all of us around the world. A future that value our planet and where we can have a shared sense of belonging.

I was there today because I wanted to lend my ears to listen and learn. To hear the stories of those who are struggling, those who are fighting the fight. To let them know that they are listened to and that we will be there for them. I also felt a sense of obligation to do my part. For too long, I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But now, I do see the future. Seeing millions of people around the world marching, I see a future and hope. It's not every day where you see millions of people united behind a shared cause which is to create an equitable and just future for all of us. For me, being there today was a beautiful, inspiring and emotional moment. Seeing what is happening around me, around us was so heartwarming. Even though The Pristine Blue Initiative started as an organization that focuses mostly on marine conservation and youth engagement, what we do is playing our part and l working together to achieve the same future. The Pristine Blue Initiative is just a small part of this larger movement where we are building towards a more healthy and equal home.

Just remember, this is just the beginning. We are able to do some much more when we are united together, we can definitely create a more just and beautiful future.

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