Podcast Episode 1: Introducing the Pristine Blue Initiative

Our first ever shoreline cleanup

Hello everyone! This is Da Chen from the Pristine Blue Initiative.

Welcome to our first ever episode of the Pristine Blue Initiative Podcast: Keeping it Pristine.

In today’s episode, I will be sharing about Who we are, why we are doing this and the importance of marine conservation for us.

The Pristine Blue Initiative is a Toronto-based organization dedicated to bringing together a team of like-minded youth who want to do their part in conserving our blue plane. We are all under the age of 26 and come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We were all united because of our passion for change and making a difference and protecting our natural environment.

“Our primary focus revolves around raising awareness on ocean, lake and river conservation with sound environmental policy. Our organization highlights issues such as the decline of marine wildlife, the rampant pollution of our water bodies, the importance of promoting marine literacy among the urban audience, and raising awareness on environmental laws that are critical to our marine health.

With the lack of youth representation around marine conservation efforts, The Pristine Blue Initiative provides a unique youth perspective on the issues surrounding marine protection and conservation. We are committed to advancing youth empowerment and advocacy amidst a growing need for critical environmental stewardship for the generations who stand to inherit the negative externalities from our current approach to preserving the marine ecosystem and its resources.”

In today’s episode, we want to talk about youth engagement in marine conservation. This is a topic close and dear to our heart as we believe youth are important to the preservation of our future. It’s important that more young people are stepping up to make a difference.

From my experiences listening to friends and other youth, I heard about their struggles in getting recognized.

Often times, youth are not recognized for their potential in making changes. We are often put down with comments like “They are too young”, “They haven’t lived long enough”, “What do they know? They are just kids!”

Well, these assumptions are wrong and we disagree with them. We believe and know that young people have the potential to make a huge difference in the world

Take, for example, Greta Thunberg of Sweden. She is a name I am sure many people are familiar with. For those of you who are not, she is the inspiration behind the Fridays for Future . she is 16 years old and has been going on strikes from school every Friday for over a year to protest the lack of government action towards climate mitigation. She has inspired millions of people around the globe who are also taking action on the climate crisis .

Another youth Autumn Peltier is a 15-year-old from Manitoulin Island in Canada. She is an internationally recognized advocate for clean water. In 2018, she delivered a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. In it, she calls on those present to "warrior up," and to stop polluting the planet and give water the same rights and protections as human beings.

Greta and Autumn are just just two of millions of young people who are stepping up and doing their part to protect our beautiful planet. For me, personally, its quite inspiring to see two youth who are much younger than myself doing such amazing work and inspiring so many people around the globe.

While youth have always formed a part of communities where conservation actions are taking place. As we see with many policy-making process around the world, youth are often not acknowledged as a distinct voice. We are often overlooked and forgotten by adults and other policymakers that the future of conservation or that the survival of our planet depends on the respect and actions taken by us. We represent tomorrow’s conservationists, scientists, political and community leaders and our voices needs to be taken seriously.

Young people bring unique experiences and worldview. Even among our own team, we all bring diverse perspectives.

We have youth on the team who visited the Arctic, snorkeled in the Pacific.

We have youth who are on their way to becoming pharmacists, planners

The lack of youth voices and engagement is something we want to change. We want to be able to speak up and make a difference in our community. We want to not only highlight important issues that matter to us such as drinking waters in Indigenous reserves or sewage overflow in the city, but we also would be highlighting other amazing youth leaders in the city, to hear their voices and their passion and together we can work towards creating something bigger.

The Pristine Blue Initiative started off as a simple idea but now it's something much bigger. It's an opportunity for change and its an opportunity to instill greatness. We all have a story, and hopefully, The Pristine Blue Initiative will be a place where we can share stories and inspire more young people to step up and change the world.

Thanks for tuning in and this is Da from Keeping it Pristine and we will see you next time.


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