The Pristine Blue Initiative is a Toronto-based Initiative dedicated to bringing together a team of like-minded individuals who want to do their part in conserving our blue planet.


Our primary focus revolves around promoting ocean, lake and river conservation with sound environmental policy in Toronto. Our organization highlights issues such as the decline of marine wildlife, the rampant pollution of our water bodies, promoting marine literacy among the urban audience, and raising awareness on environmental laws that are critical to our marine health.


With the lack of youth representation around marine conservation efforts, The Pristine Blue Initiative provides a unique youth perspective on the issues surrounding marine protection and conservation. We are committed to advancing youth empowerment and advocacy amidst a growing need for critical environmental stewardship for the generations who stand to inherit the negative externalities from our current approach to preserving the marine ecosystem and its resources.


A collection of diverse, like-minded individuals who strive to spread education and awareness about Toronto's waters

We host monthly podcast on issues related to the marine environment!

During the summer months, we host monthly shoreline cleanups in our community!

Story telling

We highlight stories from youth leaders from our community! 


We host marine conservation-themed workshops! 

Our Team

  • mad.PNG

    Madhav Panday

    Editor in Chief

  • 20140063_10214332310200494_1588352463899

    Frank Guo

    Director of Communications

  • 45926940_2208498139420340_17684745596121

    Sarah Shana

    Director of Operations

  • 35294960_10155652619902916_4600311540573

    Cathy Xu


  • tashi.jpg

    Tashi Lhamo

    Project Manager

  • 86615288_643805282858809_835341099211738

    Melisa Tica

    Project Manager

  • 83921620_1024638887909884_85108476096723

    Sara Moher

    Project Manager

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